The Sega Genesis Returns! (Sort Of)

Last year, Blaze produced a third-party, handheld Genesis (or Mega Drive, for our PAL readers). It was gimped. Now, though, they're releasing a proper Genesis, and it looks much better.

How much better? As you can see, it's a proper console. It comes with a knock-off of the superior, later-model Genesis control pads, perfect for Street Fighter. There are 15 games included inside the system, including Sonic & Knuckles, Altered Beast, Alex Kidd and Golden Axe. Best of all, it even has a cartridge slot which will play original Gen/MD games from all regions.

The "Blaze" take on the system is currently going for £38 at British retailer Play, which runs to around USD$53.

Sega Mega Drive Console With 15 Games (Megadrive) [Play, via CVG]


    Uh...this isn't news. This has been for sale on Play-Asia since the middle of last year at the very least.

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