The Street Fighter Character Actor Chris Klein Always Plays

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is a flop — even American Pie actor Chris Klein can't save it. Well, not that he ever could.

Still, cinematic blunders aside, Klein loves Street Fighter. While Legend of Chun-Li actress Kristen Kruek has only played the game once, Klein grew up playing the game.

"Although I've played a lot, I'm certainly not the best or most avid gamer out there, and so for me Dhalsim, I appreciated him because his kicks and punches stretch across the screen so you can keep your opponent at bay," Klein says. "Plus, you can keep them away from doing some of those special moves that you have to be close in on to perform. I had a lot of success with him."

Klein calls Street Fighter IV "absolutely the coolest version of Street Fighter." Wish the same could be said about the movie.

The Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li star talks about which character's style he prefers to deliver a beat-down. Hint: It's not Chun-Li. [GameDaily via GoNintendo]


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