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No major titles out this week, but there are a few gems to be found. RPG fans should consider Disgaea or Valkyrie Profile on DS, while sports fans might be surprised by how well - and differently - the pointer-controlled Pro Evo 2009 on Wii actually plays. Are you picking anything up this week?

New releases for the w/c March 30:

Afro Samurai (360, PS3) What Is it? "A balanced experience between stylistic combat and acrobatic platforming with the ability to dynamically slice and dismember enemies with ease" Should You Care? This is b-grade gaming, but deliberately so.

Battlestrike: Battle of Stalingrad (PC) What Is it? "Breathtaking diversion operations: blowing up bridges, bank robbery, destruction of a facility producing V2 rockets!" Should You Care? If budget-priced shooters are your thing.

Castlevania: Judgment (Wii) What Is it? "Battle across several stages with environmental elements you can use to your advantage, including objects to pick up and throw." Should You Care? Series fans are unlikely to enjoy a mediocre fighting game.

Disgaea (DS) What Is it? "Randomly generated items that appear on the battlefield. By acquiring these gadgets, you can power-up your units. Some demon gadgets can level your unit up by 30 levels at once." Should You Care? The esteemed strategy RPG feels right at home on a handheld.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (Wii, DS) What Is it? "Wii and Nintendo DS players can share their adventure together through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and Wireless Communication." Should You Care? There are more interesting RPGs on the DS at least.

Monster vs Aliens (Wii, DS, 360, PS3, PS2, PC) What Is it? "Visit cool locations from the film and beyond including the streets of San Francisco, Gallaxhar's huge overcompensating mothership and the super secret government containment area." Should You Care? Typical film-to-game conversion for kids.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Wii) What Is it? "New player models, AI elements and physics routines all combine to create the most advanced and realistic football game ever, but at the heart of PES 2009 are two new modes designed to make players rethink the way they approach the game." Should You Care? Who'd have thought the Wii would receive the best version of Konami's once-peerless, now-stale (at least on other consoles) football sim?

Tenchu 4 (PSP) What Is it? "The accuracy of the PSP system's control buttons lets players battle enemies quickly and attack them with katanas, throwing stars, smoke bombs and more." Should You Care? Something of a return to form for the oft-overlooked stealth pioneer.

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (DS) What Is it? "The outcome and direction of the story can change dramatically by your individual actions and choices in gamplay and in battle!" Should You Care? Solid strategy RPG, but faces a tough battle up against Disgaea this week.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate (360, PS3) What Is it? "Fans of the blockbuster film will immediately recognize the logic-defying combat styles and moves from the motion picture such as Curving Bullets and Assassin Time" Should You Care? Sounds like a decent rental.

Wonder Pets! (DS) What Is it? "Use the microphone to help Raji the mouse pull the thorn from the paw of the bengal tiger" Should You Care? That description sounds awesome!


    Disgaea DS is fantastic. Who would have thought strategy RPGs would flourish on handhelds. Not only is the gameplay good, but the writing is genuinely funny.

    Valkyrie Profile looks pretty nice as well. Another game you can whip out anywhere and have some great strategic battles. I was going to pick up Madworld this week, but all these DS games are too good to miss.

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