These Gaming PCs Can Get So Hot They Melt Their Own Cases

We've spoken of the Acer Predator gaming PC previously. Mostly on account of its gorgeous, Patlabor-meets-Transformers aesthetics. Today, we write about it on a more serious note. Because some Predators are melting themselves to death.

Yes, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, "The insulation on the computer's internal wiring can become bent or stripped, causing the wires to overheat while the product is in use". And what happens when the wires overheat while the product is in use? Well, according to two cases reported to the CSPC, the computers short-circuit, "resulting in melted internal components and external casing".

Melted inside and out. What a way to go. Less like an Acer Predator, then, more like an Acer Toht.

Acer Predator Desktop Gaming Units Recalled For Minor House Burning Issue [Gizmodo]


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