This Is Where GameStop Refurbishes Your Old Hardware

Ever sold something to GameStop? In retailer's refurbishment facility in Grapevine, Texas, used game goods are made fit for public consumption.

While writing an article on how GameStop has the used game business down pat, The Dallas Morning News checked out the facility, where game discs are inspected and cleaned and where hardware is inspected, disassembled and cleaned.

Click the link below for a peek behind the curtain. Check out the article here.

Photos: Inside GameStop's refurbishment facility for used video games and consoles [DMN Technology Blog]


    @Komrade Kayce:

    It was the same in EB Australia, I was exactly like you and suffered the first 6mths as an assistant manager with a douche manager being crazy about the stats. Fortunately i got my transfer to a bigger store with a decent manager that i knew.

    However, it didn't take me long to leave the company altogether because i just couldn't keep lying to customers.

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