This Was Made For Playing Guitar Hero (And Rock Band)

This Was Made For Playing Guitar Hero (And Rock Band)

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Atari is bringing the Gene Simmons AXE bass guitar to Australia. It’s compatible with Guitar Hero and Rock Band and will be available in April. But what does Gene himself think about it?

“I never do anything half way. My AXE controller is the closest thing you can have to being onstage in KISS. I created and designed the Gene Simmons AXE™ bass guitar and I can’t wait for the fans to experience it for themselves”, said Gene Simmons. “The Gene Simmons AXE guitar is such a recognisable symbol – people have been asking for a gaming replica ever since Guitar Hero was first introduced.”

Apparently he says “™” when he speaks.

Here’s some more important facts about the AXE:
* It’s a three-quarter-sized replica of the KISS bassist and vocalist’s signature bass guitar
* It features Gene Simmons’ autograph and his photo in make-up painted onto the body of the controller
* It’s wireless
* It’s larger than the standard video game guitar controllers
* It works with Guitar Hero and Rock Band for Wii, PS2 and PS3, but not – strangely enough – Xbox 360

No word on pricing yet.

Gene Simmons AXE Guitar [Official site]


  • Gene thinks the same thing he always thinks when his face and/or signature is on the merchandise:


  • OOO, I wasw hella excited before I read “not for the Xbox 360”. Dammit, honestly depending on price I would’ve shelled out for this bad boy.

  • Where the hell is my Xbox 360 controller Gene? Not providing a Xbox 360 version of your AXE IS DOING THINGS HALF WAY!

  • What is the deal with the lack of Xbox 360 compatability?! I feel like Gene is discriminating against me 🙁 A loyal KISS fan. There’s no 360 combatable ones in the US and Canada either 🙁

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