Three French Teens Arrested In Akihabara For Stealing Games And Consoles

Police have arrested three sixteen year-old French males for suspected larceny. The teens, who attend an international school in Japan, are accused of stealing games and consoles from Akihabara retailer Sofmap.

On 18 separate occasions starting last November, the trio walked out of Sofmap with a grand total of 92 games and seven consoles — nobody tried to stop them. Then then used phony college identity cards to resell the loot at another nearby store, which is also owned by Sofmap.

One of the suspects stated that their international school classmates were affluent. Money could have been a motivation for these crimes.

It's estimated that the boys made 1 million yen (US$10,000) in their swindle. "Stealing is simple in Japan," says one of the suspects in a sworn statement. "Japanese people shouldn't be so easily trusting of people."

フランス人3少年を逮捕 秋葉原で窃盗容疑 [NIKKEI via Yahoo! via Japan Probe][Pic]


    It is unbelievably easy for thieves in Japan. Nobody even bothers looking for them. Nobody stops them if they do steal something. Everyone follows the rules without question. But as soon as one person realises that they don't have to, it's open season.

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