Tim Schafer: The Game

Quick history lesson! Tim Schafer is making Brutal Legend. He also did Psychonauts. And, before that, Monkey Island. But this isn't a game by Tim Schafer. It's a game about Tim Schafer.

Specifically, it's about Schafer's role as host of the Game Developers Choice awards, one of the industry's night of nights. Poignantly, the 2009 awards will be held this week, March 25, and Schafer (hosting again) is nervous. Hasn't finished writing his script, thinks he's short on jokes.

Which is where you come in. Take control of Schafer in this point-and-click adventure game set in the pre-awards green room and help him find some material! The success of the awards night - and the the entire industry by extension - is in your hands!

Host Master and the Conquest of Humor [Double Fine]


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