Triggerheart Exelica Limited Edition Set Shoots Up The Cute

Arcade shooter Triggerheart Exelica is getting a PS2 port, called Triggerheart Exelica -Enhanced-. There's a limited edition version for the PS2.

Packaged with a Exelica figure from figure maker Good Smile Company, the limited edition version includes a balloon for those who pre-ordered. The game includes new elements like an opening movie and new CG cutscenes.

Triggerheart Exelica was released in Japanese arcades in 2006 on SEGA's Naomi arcade hardware and ported to the Dreamcast the following year. The PlayStation 2 version is on sale today.

triggerheart exelica enhanced 1.jpg

triggerheart exelica enhanced 2.jpg

triggerheart exelica enhanced 3.jpg

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    Wow what a massive box... *chuckle*

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