Ubisoft VP Bolts To Head Jerry Bruckheimer's Game Company

Ubisoft lost publishing bigwig Jay Cohen last week, a key decision maker for the French mega-publisher. Kind of a big deal? Yes, especially since Cohen has since reportedly jumped ship to Jerry Bruckheimer's game label.

According to Variety's The Cut Scene, the former Ubisoft vet is now gainfully employed by Jerry Bruckheimer Films, the production company responsible for things like CSI, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and the upcoming Prince of Persia movie adaptation.

Bruckheimer's game pursuits were announced way back in December of 2007. The blockbuster movie producer has visions of publishing brand new video game IP, something he'll do with the help of Rock Band publisher MTV Games.

"Video games represent a new and innovative medium for what we've always tried to do, which is to tell great stories. But this medium is unique in that it gives the player control over how those stories unfold," said Bruckheimer in late 2007.

Bruckheimer's track record of producing hits is pretty damn good. Can he do the same in the video game space? Will he give Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski the opportunity to actually make that video game he's been threatening?

No details from Jerry Bruckheimer Films quite yet, but we'll keep our eyes peeled for explosive developments.

Jay Cohen running Jerry Bruckheimer's video game company [The Cut Scene]


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