US Drug Czar Targets Gaming Skills In Anti-Pot Ads

The United States government is going after gamers in its latest "Above the Influence" anti-drug ads, warning potential pot smokers that their gaming skills may suffer if they choose to get high.

The ads warn that "many of the skills required for winning a background, defeating an opponent, [and]beating games" can be hindered by hitting the bong, a claim that many "never play sober" gamers are likely to contend. No longer will you simply be slovenly, slothful and regularly stained with Cheetos dust, you're going to suck at Halo.

The Man is supporting the ads with testimonials from in-game characters, including pink-haired ninja girls and elfin dungeon dwellers who lament their real-world masters newfound lack of skill.

The "Above the Influence" campaign has been running print ads in video game magazines over the past year, but the new online presence has a much more gaming performance related bent.

Drug Czar: Getting High Hurts Your Video Gaming Skills [The Huffington Post]


    LOL, I have a mate and when he gets ripped no one and I mean no one can beat him at Bomberman... he is so in the zone. NOTHING EXISTS but those little men and their bombs

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