Video of Tabula Rasa's Final Moments

Last night NCSoft shut off Tabula Rasa's servers. Early word had it that the Bane horde would either wipe out humanity, or humanity would do the job itself with a doomsday weapon.

I have never played this game (so have, like, not a lot of people, that's the reason the servers were being turned off.) So I have no idea what exactly is going on here. But several final night videos show humanity winning without annihilating itself. Seems the final battle went down in New York City and mankind triumphed. And then everyone was notified they had been disconnected from the server. Whee.

Here is another video, set to the power-chord ministrations of Queen's "We are the Champions" - that shows people breakdancing with glee once the disconnect comes. (Sorry about the obnoxious Halo Wars ads. I have no control over that, it's someone else's video.) You can also catch tons more screens of "The Last Stand" here.

Tabula Rasa: The Final Stand - Video Tribute [WarCry Network]


    Really? That's it?

    I was hoping for a full-on alien invasion against hopeless odds against which humanity uses a doomsday weapon that kills everything on every server ever and then nothing...

    I logged in case i had forgotten it was ending yeterday. As soon as I got in, it was under a minute to go. Felt really sad, I mean it was an annoying game a lot of the time, but it was fun. It just always felt like it could have been great, just needed something more.

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