Virtual Console Getting Game From Famous Japanese Game Hater

Beat Takeshi is a well-known Japanese comedian, actor, director, writer, painter and pundit. He also made a video game.

Takeshi's Challenge was designed by Takeshi and released by Taito for the Nintendo Famicom in 1986. It is hitting the Japanese Virtual Console on March 31.

Takeshi's Challenge followed a salaryman as he beat up yakuza, played pachinko and divorced his wife. Selling around 800,000 copies, it was anything by typical. The title screen read: "This game is made by a man who hates videogames."

The game did things like having players sing into the mic on the original Famicom controller for an hour. Doing this successfully causes everyone in the bar to attack you. In another part, players must hold down the select button for hours.

The final boss takes 20,000 hits to defeat. After defeating him, Takeshi appears on screen saying that the game isn't very good.

Read more about the game here.

和田氏「次の山はタイトーが作る」 [IT Media]


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