Warhammer Online Offers Prizes For Your Friends' Lives

Warhammer Online is turning up the heat on their refer-a-friend program, offering free in-game pets and items to players who pull their friends into the conflict.

Warhammer has had a pretty standard refer-a-friend program up until now. Simply drag a pal into the game, and get 30 days free game time. Now they up the stakes with a special in-game pet and an experience-upping item for those who can pull in new players lite rats with a magic flute.

Folks who drag two new players to the game will receive an exclusive pet - the Imperial Hunting Hound for Order players, or the Warlord's Fell Hound for Destruction players. Those who manage to trick four newbies into playing will snag either a Rod of Service or the Collar of Servitude, items that increase experience and renown gain by 5%, with the ability to boost a realm-mates level to let him or her join you on your magical adventures.

Sounds like somebody is getting pretty desperate for fresh meat.

Recruit-A-Friend Program Details [Warhammer Online]


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