Warhammer Online Unleashes Bitter Rivals Event

Mythic launches their four-month long Call to Arms live update for Warhammer Online this week, with the Bitter Rivals live event and the launch of their official forums.

Bitter Rivals, running from March 3rd to March 10th, gives players a chance to unlock the new Dwarf Slayer and Orc Choppa classes by completing quests and participating in the new Twisting Tower Realm vs. Realm Scenario. In Twisting Tower, the forces of Order and Destruction battle for control of a ruined Chaos tower while a vengeful god rains fire down upon both armies. The event kicks off the massive Call to Arms live update, which culminates in June with the opening of a brand-new raid dungeon zone, The Land of the Dead.

Along with the launch of Bitter Rivals, Mythic has also opened the official forums for business, giving players an official place to bitch about balance issues, server lag, other players' mums - you know, the usual.

For more on the Bitter Rivals event, visit the official website. Otherwise, follow the link below to start name-calling and complaining.

Official Warhammer Online Forums [Mythic]


    I wonder if anyone here knows that many years ago, a small contingent of Blizzard staff visited Mythic HQ to see how they made their MMO DAOC?

    Not that many years later, along comes WoW. Not only that, but Terran - Space Marines, Zerg = Tyrannids and Protoss = Eldar.

    Good work on Blizzard making those two IP's. Too bad it wasn't their own ideas though. I think Blizzard should be welcoming any further success Mythic has in the genre.

    The funny thing is that the only reason why the Warcraft IP was ever created was because Warhammer knocked the devs from blizzard back when they asked to use their products.

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