Watchmen Artist Does Bionic Commando

For a while now, visitors to the official Bionic Commando site have been able to read an online version of a Bionic Commando comic. So why bother with a real copy?

It's a damn good question, but one comics fans may want to actually ask themselves, as Dave Gibbons, the man who drew the Watchmen (and Beneath A Steel Sky!), has also been drafted in to draw up a cover for the tangible version of the collection.

If you were planning on picking the game up anyways, good news: the comic is technically free, so long as you preorder Bionic Commando and a pack of microwave hot dogs from Capcom's own online store. Actually, you probably don't even need to order the hot dogs.

Bionic Commando Chain of Command Comic for Free [Capcom]


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