We Have a Pair of Playstation Air Force 1s, Want Em?

Yes, we have a pair. No, you can't have them.

Well, not unless you're willing to make a donation. We'll be auctioning off these amazing Air Force 1 Playstation 2 Tenth Anniversary shoes (size 11.5) on eBay later this month, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to anti-Teen Dating Violence organisation Jennifer Ann's Group.

The Air Force 1s are brand new, unworn and part of an only 50-shoe run.


    I admire and respect the sentiment but I don't admire or respect those shoes. Blech.

    that is a REALLY specific organisation

    By purchasing the shoes you've funded/supported the slavery of children in sweat shops.

    Giving that money to teens with more choices doesn't really balance things out!

    Thumbs down!

    These shoes are prime candidates for Emperors-new-clothes syndrome.

    U. G. L. Y. You aint got no al-i-by, yo ugly!

    As a collector of nice and rare kicks I want these. But I don't know if I would wear them. I still am probably going to bid on them but probably not a crazy amount which I am sure they will go upto.

    i wont these shoes bad

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