We've Never Wanted A Dev Kit This Badly

Not only do the new Microsoft development kits contain more debugging memory, they are some of the sexiest damn Xbox 360s we've laid our eyes on.

Perhaps it's just the soft black backdrop behind the development kits, or the Barry White we've got playing in the background, but there's just something about that matte black and metallic blue that gets us in the mood for some sweet, sweet game developing. The velvety black test kits seen in the gallery are lovely as well, but a little too plain for our tastes.

Of course these Xbox 360 consoles are for developers only, which could be just the right reason to open your own game development studio.

xbox 360 dev kit 1.jpg

xbox 360 dev kit 2.jpg

xbox 360 dev kit 3.jpg

xbox 360 dev kit 4.jpg


    That is sex.

    That must be some sort of special edition kit, because none of the 100+ kits we have at work are painted like that.

    These are the new dev kits, how long ago did your work order theirs?

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