What Factor 5’s Superman Once Looked Like…

What Factor 5’s Superman Once Looked Like…

Lair and Rogue Squadron developer Factor 5 was hard at work on a Superman video game before it contracted a near-fatal case of Brash Entertainment Publishing Agreement Syndrome. This is what that game looked like.

Unseen 64, where games goes when they die, has concept screen shots and a brief video of the planned PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game, visuals dating back to when Factor 5 employees were still being paid. It looks good enough, but also looks about as finished as the Flash game that BottleRocket was working on for Brash before the publisher’s collapse.

And Doomsday looks spectacular.

There’s really not much to see here, outside of a few environment concepts and early visual direction. The game was due to ship sometime in 2010, following a formal announcement at E3 2008 (which never happened).

More screens and a brief pre-rendered concept at Unseen 64.

Superman (Factor 5) [X360/PS3 РCancelled] [Unseen64 Рthanks, Miklós!]


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