What Game Weaponry Does This Toy Rip-Off?

Spotted at toy retailer Toys R Us, this is a Plasma Blaster (aka Lanzador de Plasma). It takes inspiration from what weapon in what game? Answer away in the comments below.

Thanks for the tip, Jake!


    Pulse rifle from aliens

    Nice try there, but no banana.

    MAB5 from the Halo series.

    Now awaiting Nerf conversion....

    That gun from halo?

    You know, the one Master Chief pwns up them aliens with =)

    Dunno, but thats my best guess.

    its the assault rifle from HALO

    Plasma Rifle from Warhammer 40,000? Is also kinda shaped like it.

    Looks like the Assault rifle from Mass Effect some what!!

    The halo 3 lazer

    The assault rifle from halo.

    But maybe it was inspired by the gun that inspired the gun from Halo? Wikipedia "Fabrique Nationale" and check out the FN2000.

    Guns kinda similar also appear in Starship Troopers. BAD MOVIE.

    halo assault rifle of course

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