What Last Generation Consoles Do Some Japanese Gamers Still Use?

It's that time again, time for fascinating data. A group of Japanese people were questioned which video game consoles they owned and still used. Their answers might surprise you. They might not.

On March 4 and 5, over one thousand members of the RealWorld RealResearch monitor pool answered questions about game consoles. Here's the breakdown: 54.9 percent were male, 5.1 percent were teenagers, 17.9 percent were in their 20s, 22.3 percent were in their 30s, 22.7 percent were in their 40s, 16.3 percent were in their 50s and 15.7 percent were sixty years old and up.

Do keep in mind that the results of this data should not be construed as anything larger than representative of this research pool — it does not speak for all of Japan.

- Do you have a next (current) generation console at home? (Sample size=1,040)
Yes 32.1 percent
No 67.9 percent

- If you have a next generation console, which next generation consoles do you have? (Sample size=334, multiple answer)

Wii 76.6 percent
Playstation 3 36.8 percent
Xbox360 11.7 percent

- If you do not have a next generation console, which next generation consoles do you plan to buy? (Sample size=766, multiple answer)
Wii 28.2 percent
Playstation 3 13.9 percent
Xbox360 2.7 percent
Don't plan to buy any 63.7 percent

- Which of the following older consoles do you still play with? (Sample size=1,040, multiple answer)
Playstation 2 39.8 percent
Playstation 15.8 percent
Super Famicon (SNES) 15.1 percent
Nintendo 64 11.3 percent
Famicon (NES) 9.1 percent
Nintendo Gamecube 6.3 percent
PC Engine 4.7 percent
Sega Saturn 4.4 percent
Dreamcast 3.5 percent
Xbox 1.5 percent
Sega Megadrive 1.4 percent
Other 5.1 percent
None at all 44.6 percent

PS1 Gamers Outnumber PS3 Gamers [What Japan Thinks]


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