What's On Good Game TV Tonight?

good game zombie bajo.jpg

That's either what Bajo looks like before he gets his makeup on... or tonight's episode of Good Game TV is a "Zombie Special". Or perhaps both. Let's find out from Junglist...

Think you know zombies? You don't know jack. Good Game, the Australian show for gamers, by gamers, is hosting a massive zombie-fest this Monday night. With 4 zombie games coming out in quick succession plus a creeping desire to eat human grey matter, it's the only logical choice!

Here's what you can expect Monday night:
* Resident Evil 5 - Once again the virus has sprung up, this time it takes the STARS team to Africa to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on this horrible weapon.
* Silent Hill: Homecoming - Originally banned in Australia, we can finally play this atmospheric chiller, minus those infamous bits of torture.
* Dead Rising: Chop till you Drop - A remake of the 360 game using the Wii controls, this is the classic case of a zombie quarantine zone. You're trapped in the small town's shopping mall, of course, and this new version has much more boomstick... but can the Wii make it better?
* House of the Dead: Overkill - Just like the arcade, you'll point and shoot your Wii-mote at the screen in this highly tongue-in-cheek zombie thriller. Comedy is always nice, but is it any good?

All that plus a history of zombie games, and we talk to the guys behind recent indie release Zompocalypse. Good Game airs Monday nights on ABC2 at 8:30pm, and late Fridays before Rage on ABC.

Don't live in Australia? Busy both those nights? You can download or stream any episode from our website - www.abc.net.au/goodgame

Enjoy the show!


    thanks for the news! lol I'm really weak with any horror in general... so I might not watch this episode on my big shiny HDTV... and watch it in mini-resolution on my com later :o *hides in corner*


    I'm not a Bajo fan but i enjoyed Zombie Bajo since he didn't speak at all during the last two reviews :P

    i'll check it out

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