Wheelman Drives A Motorcycle Through The Subway

The latest developer walkthrough video for Ubisoft and Midway's Wheelman shows that virtual Vin Diesel is every bit as adept at shooting people on motorcycles as he is shooting people in cars.

What can't virtual Vin Diesel do? He escapes from space prisons, engages in mech combat, and now he rides a motorcycle through a subway in order to recover important documents. See, Wheelman isn't just about cars. When you think about it, the title could cover anything with wheels, so as exciting as this whole motorcycle chase scene is, it's nowhere near as impressive as the downhill baby-carriage shootout playing out in my head right now.

A set of three new car-centric screens can be found below, in case the whole motorcycle gunfight concept just blows your mind and you need some grounding.

wheelman screenshot 20090304 1.jpg

wheelman screenshot 20090304 2.jpg

wheelman screenshot 20090304 3.jpg


    is it just me or the idea of jumping from bike to car come straight out of pursuit force (PSP) ....????? :D

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