When You Wish Upon A Sim, You Get A Steel Bladder

June can't come fast enough and EA sees fit to rub it in by dumping yet more Sims 3 screens on us. This set details the wants and desires that make up a Sim's Lifetime Wish.

Sims develop Lifetime Wishes based on what personality traits you grant them. A Sneaky, Evil Sim will be more likely to have a Lifetime Wish of becoming a Master Thief or a CEO of a Mega Corporation, for example. Fulfilling a Lifetime Wish scores the player all kind of perks that you used to be able to buy — such as the Teleportation Pad — plus some handy new ones like the Steel Bladder or a gardening perk that lets you develop a recipe for Ambrosia (which keeps your Sim eternally young).

Me? I'm looking forward to crafting a Sim with the Fertility bonus and that Ambrosia recipe so she can people the town with her undying spawn.

the sims 3 screen 20090310 1.jpg

the sims 3 screen 20090310 2.jpg

the sims 3 screen 20090310 3.jpg

the sims 3 screen 20090310 4.jpg


    Stupid me got my daughter into playing sims 2. Ever since I told her about sims 3, she asks me every damn day if there's any news on Kotaku... She was so bummed out when the release date was pushed back. Okokokok, I'm looking forward to it to. This is a real good family game for us.
    I love building the houses, hate playing with the dolly's, so I build for her and she moves families in. Its good having something like sims to bring us closer together. :) Anyhoo, I'm just hoping for some more advance building tools! Bring on June already!

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