Who Watches the Watchmen?

So this isn't really a gaming post, but with the Watchmen movie out now and the downloadable game already reviewed, I thought it was relevant enough.

Tonight my wife and I are going out for a rare Tristan-free movie night. The question is, should I be taking her to see the Watchmen or is it going to leave her feeling bored and me feeling inadequate?

I've never been one of those people unable to get past the source material for a movie and enjoy the theatrical experience, but I still can't imagine Watchmen is going to live up to my expectations. Are you going to see it, or did you already?

Did it live up to yours?


    i saw it, probably the best way to describe it is its like having sex with ur clothes on, everythings where it should be it just feels wrong and dull

    The one thing I'll warn you about is that there a couple of very brutal scenes in the film, the type of brutal scenes which has made a fair few people wonder how the film ever managed to squeeze into an MA rating.

    Personally I loved it but my girlfriend hated the film with a passion.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Watchmen when I saw it yesterday. However, having gone in with only a little foreknowledge of the story I had little expectation for it to live up to.
    I mostly enjoyed the story, so if you know everything that's going to happen, then I imagine the film would hold very little new appeal for you.

    I didn't enjoy the film. It was far too long and I wanted it to end around half-way. The sex scenes were unnecessary, rather dull and ...well...unnecessary.
    Some of the action sequences were quite graphic and I sort of felt uncomfortable with them. Definitely not a "Dark Knight".

    The film is AMAZING! Most well written movie ive seen since crash. Even though it goes for almost 3 hours, im willing to go see it again. I also knew nothing about the graphic novel, but my mate was raving about it so i went with him.
    What i liked best about the movie is its integrity and maturity. I didnt feel patronised at all, refreshingly, but it also means this is definitely not a movie for the kids.

    It did live up to the hype, imho.
    Deep storyline with great background char's exploration, visual eyecandy at the best, dark setting, and gruesome FX (gore & blood).
    I simply love it, but I found 'sex scenes' are unnecessary.
    It's a mandatory for every Watchmen fans and comic books lover.

    Best way to describe it is "awkward". Just re-read the comic and save yourself the money. The only thing they did well was Dr Manhattan's flashback, and the almost shot for shot recreation of the comic. The backstory of the comic was covered in a 2 minute montage at the start, and the character development was poor. Even the fight scenes at the end were pretty bad. They altered the ending of the comic, and very poorly at that. I dont see how the movie would hold interest without having read the comic before hand.

    While I'm a fan of the original material, I'm going to disagree with Josh. I think the new ending is quite fitting a makes far more sense than the original, particularly in the pared down context of the movie. The change does make a couple of other aspect of the film obsolete, most notably Bubastas, but I think it was a brave move that paid off.

    Overall, it does feel like a bit of a preview for the real thing that will be the extended directors cut on DVD. It is very well done, far better than one could reasonably expect a Watchmen film to be, but it's still lost a lot of pathos, humanity and impact after necessarily having so many scenes cut out.

    See it at the cinema and then see it in its entirety on DVD.

    I saw it tonight with my wife. We both enjoyed it, although the level of violence in some scenes turned her off a bit. She hasn't read the book. I have read it, and enjoyed it, but I don't regard it as some kind of sacred text in the way that some people seem to.

    Overall I'd say it's probably a better adaptation than anybody probably could have reasonably expected. And I imagine it'll be better still in the extended cut - I'll definitely be picking it up on BluRay when it comes out.

    I saw it with my wife, and we both thought it was great. I've read the book (comic, whatever) and thought they were as true to it as possible. My wife hasn't read it, and she found that it made sense, and really liked it. That said, she tends to like the same stuff I do, so I'm not sure how much this helps.

    Oh, and as for the new ending, I thought it made sense to change it. Without 'revealing' anything, I will say that for a modern audience the original ending would seem a bit lame. The chane made it a more believable threat...

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