Why Capcom Don't Care If The Street Fighter Movie Sucks

The latest Street Fighter movie sucks. No doubt about it. But do you think Capcom give a damn about the quality of the movie? They might, but they care more about the money.

Speaking with GameDaily, Capcom PR man Chris Kramer says in response to haters of the current Chun-Li flick:

Critics were unkind to the first Street Fighter movie as well, but that film has been ridiculously profitable for Capcom over the last decade. The original SF movie still generates millions of dollars in royalties for Capcom every year, thanks to cable, foreign distribution, home video, DVD and Blu-ray sales.

Yes, but... imagine how ridiculously profitable the last movie - and the current one - would be if they were any good!

Capcom Dismisses Street Fighter Movie Reception, Taking Marvel-like Approach to Hollywood [GameDaily]


    Street Fighter Legend of Chun Li was Horrible!! Half way through the movie, I was actually looking forward to watching the 1994 Jean Claude Flop, because even though that also blew, it was waaay better than this sorry excuse for a film. There were soo many terrible things that were wrong with this movie, that I don't know where to begin. The song where they're going "street fighter!", or Taboo as Vega??, he's suppossed to be a good looking fighter who doesn't want his face hurt, not some screwed up druggy faced... anyway, the characters were aaaall sooo boring and dry, there was not an ounce of expression on anyone. Charlie Nash softly yelling, don't move, as he busts into the club and tells Chun Li not to go anywhere. And who cares about Charlie?? Where's Guile!!And no one cares about Chun Li either.. except those geeky anime fanatics who sit there in class drawing Chun Li in skimpy cartoon drawings. If you're going to build around a character, it's Ryu of course, can you believe the producers just omit him from a Street Fighter [email protected]#[email protected] And if they get it right for the sequal.. that's fine, but I'm definitely not going to pay money to watch it. This movie used names that resembled Mortal Kombat characters like Cantana, and even the actor for Chun Li's trainer Gen, was the guy who played Liu Kang!! I'm actually angry. Street Fighter is trying to milk us for our money. Capcom Doesn't care, this quote shows that they know they have the Nostalgic fans hooked, to the point that they'll buy or watch anything named "Street Fighter". They made 1 great hit in the Street Fighter II' series, and now we're all shelling out money like crazy to support this name. This line up was born in the Arcades, and died on the Super Nintendo. RIP Street Fighter... The Mortal Kombat movie will always be far superior in every way. STOP SUPPORTING CAPCOM!

    well duh!
    Were we really expecting cinematic brilliance? There is not a shred of integrity in the business market, which Capcom entered the moment they started building a profit!
    Blaming them is as redundant as blaming a clothing manufacturer for making thongs for fat birds - you should be blaming the fat birds who buy them!


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