Why Did Only Xbox 360 Resident Evil 5 Go On Sale First?

The above picture was taken at major Japanese retailer Bic Camera on March 4. Resident Evil 5 does not go on sale on March 4 in Japan, but on March 5.

While street dates are commonly broken in North America or places like Dubai, it much less common in Japan. What is bothering some Japanese gamers about this broken street date is only the Xbox 360 version went on sale early.

Add in the fact that not only the Xbox 360 version went on sale first at Bic Camera, but also the red controller, and some believe that Microsoft was behind this "false start".

ビックカメラ、「バイオハザード5」をなぜか360版だけ発売日前に販売? [はちま起稿]


    Does it really matter if MS are acting in an underhanded way? The PS3 install base is around 3 times the Xbox360 in Japan. It won't make a difference.

    errrr ?
    In SINGAPORE, We have the ps3 version out on the 4th or march at shops.

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