Wii Fit Helps Men Talk To Their Families

Nintendo weighing game Wii Fit is a big hit. While it's not guaranteed to make you healthy (it's not an exercise device), it might help you talk to the family you ignore.

"We also researched Wii Fit users here in Japan, and we found that this game has had a positive influence on users," said Nintendo president Satoru Iwata in a recent company report. "Men in their 40's told us that the best thing about Wii Fit was that it provided them with more opportunities to talk with their children (19.8%), and men in their 50's said that they enjoyed playing Wii Fit with their spouses (59.7%)."

Opportunities that men in the 40's would never have if they, say, took their children to the park or went on walks with their wives. For the sake of Japanese families everywhere, good thing there's Wii Fit.


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