Wii Punch-Out!! Has Classic NES Controls Too

Nintendo hit us with an update on a handful of Wii and Nintendo DS games today, including fresh details on the Wii version of Punch-Out!!. Perhaps most exciting is unwavering confirmation of "classic" NES-style controls.

Sure, the company has to eat its own dog food and legions of Wii owners are clearly comfortable boxing with a Nunchuk and Wii Remote. But that didn't stop us from nervously anticipating the new Punch-Out!!, which we understood to be motion control-only based on comments from Nintendo.

According to Nintendo of America's press site, the alternate control scheme has the same button layout as the NES controller, using the D-pad to dodge, with the 1 and 2 buttons used to throw punches. Big deal? Maybe we're just excited for the upcoming blister possibilities. So much better than perspiring while gaming.

Nintendo didn't reveal much more beyond that, merely reconfirming the appearances of boxers Little Mac, Glass Joe, King Hippo, Doc Louis, and Von Kaiser, plus "other unannounced favourites."

The game hits in May, so we'll probably know soon enough who those might be. I'm pulling for Soda Popinski and a handful of more modern stereotypes!


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