WIN! Halo Wars Xbox 360 Console Pack

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It's the best-selling game in the country. So if you don't have a copy of Halo Wars yet, perhaps you've been feeling a little left out? Let's see if we can rectify that situation. Enter our Halo Wars competition and you could win the game, plus a limited edition Xbox 360 console.


    Yay for Halo comp!
    Multiple entries allowed?
    I'm indecisive

    (if not, that one doesn't count, btw)

    Lasers everywhere
    My cat would like a helmet
    The chief would approve

    some scorpions I will build
    they will crush them in their wake
    purple blood in tracks

    The Red and The Blue
    Time Travel to Halo 2
    More Shiny and New

    Awesome gaming;
    Finishing the fighting
    Saves the universe.

    "Look!" Said Master Chief
    The Arbiter turns, then is

    Master Chief alone
    Can defeat Covenant race
    More fun with army

    Halo Wars looks good
    Plenty of RTS fun
    But it's no Starcraft


    Plasma and missiles
    Not a bubble-shield in sight
    Must relearn halo

    autumn fell but harvest stands
    blood will be spilt on our soils
    a five year war begins

    my wife won't let me play
    i could use a new xbox
    give me this great prize

    Ring, round eternal
    Battle mans ancient enemy
    Marry not Spartan!

    Sometimes I say Blarg
    Sometimes I go Wort Wort Wort
    I am so Elite

    As I Teabag You
    Someone Assassinates Me
    Why Must I Show Off?

    There once was a man
    from space, with a helmet that
    covered his face. Rhymes?

    I think I would have fancied myself in a limerick competition..

    Defending Cosmos
    Defeating the Covenant
    Drilling Cortana

    click, build, click, move, click
    this is not an fps!
    needs brains and planning

    A halo is round
    Legendary makes me frown
    When team-mate goes down

    When xbox was one
    We linked four to make them one
    Good times in Blood Gulch

    Crippling Needler
    Spartan Laser to your face
    Welcome to Halo

    The green shines brightly
    An aura of calm surrounds
    Our Hero is here.

    My xbox is broke
    I wish I could play halo
    If i won I would


    (This would have had alot more curses in it...but syllabic restraints and all)

    captains log no.5
    cheif looks good in his armour
    file for divorce soon

    lol gay

    The ring of Death comes
    Death to Covenant and Flood
    One for all Spartans!

    A plasma grenade
    Keeps the convenant away
    All the grunts are slayed.

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