WIN! Halo Wars Xbox 360 Console Pack

Halo 3 Master Chief helmet.jpg

It's not just Ensemble Studios' strategy take on the Halo universe we're giving away in our Halo Wars comp. You could also win the no-longer-available-in-shops Halo 3 branded Xbox 360 console and the Legendary Edition of Halo 3, including that Spartan cat helmet up there. All you need do is leave your Halo haiku in the comments of the original post.
But remember, a haiku contains three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. Good luck!


    why? oh god damn why?
    I keep getting team killed by
    backstabbing cockbites

    Shotty, sword, brute shot
    Close quarters fighting just rules
    Unless they pwn you

    Are we allowed multiple entries?

    Am I really a noob?
    I keep getting killed; they laugh;
    they crouch on my face.

    human covenant
    master chief or arbiter
    the flood will rule both

    master chief and me
    we went shooting covenant
    headshots for the win

    Covenant coming
    Hold the fort, break out the guns
    Take no prisoners

    So do you all realise you've posted in the wrong comments section?

    That wasn't a haiku.

    Halo Wars, console's treat.
    Real time strategy is sweet.
    Master chief is king.

    One man, gun in hand
    Spartan be his true calling
    a killing machine

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