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Do you 'heart' Capcom? You should, their legacy is amazing: Mega Man, Final Fight, Ghosts n' Goblins, Strider, Bionic Commando, 1942, Power Stone, Breath of Fire, Dino Crisis, Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Viewtiful Joe, Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Okami, Monster Hunter and of course, Resident Evil and Street Fighter.So, thanks to new Aussie distributor THQ, let's give away some Capcom prize packs!

First up, today and tomorrow, you've got the chance to win Resident Evil 5 'I Heart Capcom' pack. There's just one pack up for grabs, and it contains:
* 1 x Resident Evil 5 Collectors Edition game PS3 or X360
* 1 x Resident Evil 5 Comic Book, issue one
* 1 x Full set of Resident Evil 5 7" figurines (Chris, Sheva, Executioner)
* 1 x Resident Evil 5 Prima Guide (courtesy of Bluemouth Interactive)

We'll have more Capcom prizes on offer on Friday, so you've only got two days to enter if you want the Resident Evil 5 pack.

How do you enter? I want to hear about your love for a Capcom game. I want to hear the story of that one Capcom game that you obsessed over, fell in love with and how it changed your life. Leave your entries here in the comments and good luck.

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    Back when I was a young child of 4, I received a Gameboy Pocket for Christmas. With that Gameboy Pocket came Mega Man II. Having never played a proper game before, the experience was new to me. Booting it up, I loaded Crash Man's level first. I'll never forget it. Running, jumping, shooting, and difficulty all combined into an experience that I didn't turn off for the next 3 weeks. I don't think I beat a level in that time, but it didn't matter. Playing it was just so much fun, even if nothing was accomplished. Mega Man II also lead me into the world of gaming as a whole, and for those reasons it stands tall in my mind as one of the greatest games I've ever played.

    Street Fighter II was the first game I ever played. Embarrassingly enough, the copy I owned was a hacked version for the Famicom and I was limited to playing four characters but, being three or four-years-old at the time, this didn't faze me. I just loved being able to push buttons and seeing Chun Li respond to my button-mashing. It didn't matter that I had no idea what I was doing, nor did it matter that I didn't understand the premise of the game. What DID matter was that I was making things happen on the screen, which blew my infant mind, and it was the one game that my older brother would play with me.

    I guess you never forget your first game; Street Fighter II planted the seed of my love affair with videogames and even now, 17 or 16 years on, I still game for the same reason I did when I played Street Fighter II -- to make things happen on the screen; to see the game respond to my actions (I no longer button mash, thank god!).

    I love Street Fighter; always have and, unless Capcom starts doing some crazy shit, always will. It's the game that got me into gaming, so for that, I salute Capcom.

    A game that changed my life was Capcom's Breath Of Fire 2.

    I was in grade 6 and was just getting into anime and role playing games (I'd finished Secret Of Mana and wanted another epic story), my first exposure was in Nintendo Magazine System (N.M.S.) after skimming through for the Anime Action segment. I'd previously heard about an epic RPG by the name of Breath Of Fire in the mailbag section, they later reviewed Breath Of Fire 2.

    Having been a previous fan of Capcom's material such as Megaman X 2 & Street Fighter 2 Turbo I was virtually salivating at the mouth in anticipation at what they would deliver, and I was not disappointed. Long had I searched for a cartridge of BOF2 and then one day, to my delight, there was a copy for rent at my local Blockbuster Video franchise. I had rented this game out for a straight month as I followed the saga of Ryu, Katt, Bow, Nina, Sten, Spar, Rand & the secret character, Bleu.

    I played this game through maybe about...6 times? Developing new tactics, finding the shamans, my delight at finding Giant Island and being able to defeat the K.Sludge, the G.Dragon attack, picking stamina boosts over the hilariously pitiful ChopChop ability, the joy of learning Boombada, laughing at the Earth Shaman, reuniting Ryu with Garner, defeating Barubary & Dethven....and sadly watch the game come to an end.

    Since then I'd enjoyed Breath of Fire 3, 4 & 5 on an equal level but nothing will budge Breath of Fire 2, the memories of late nights and searching Lycos & Altavista pages for Breath of Fire 2 playguides and FAQ's from its place in my heart. Thank you for everything Capcom.

    I heart you Capcom.

    - Carlos

    The capcom game i obsessed over was Resident Evil 2.
    At the time i was fairly young, and did not own a console, i was stuck with a terrible pc. So going to my uncle's place and getting to play his playstation was heaps of fun, and as luck would have it, late at night, i snuck out to play his playstation. I noticed a new game in his selection, resident evil 2, so i threw it in. The instant i was thrown head first into a horde of zombies with nothing but a pistol and my own 2 legs to keep me alive, the adrenaline kicked in, followed shortly by a string of deaths. Finally i got the hang of the controls, and was able to progress. After a lengthy period, with both mixed fear and adrenaline, i finished the first survival horror game i'd ever played. Whilst the genre may not be as strong as it used to be, every few months, i throw my resident evil discs back into my console and play through it, because, whilst many have tried, few have ever managed to get survival horror to the level that capcom took resident evil too.

    i absolutely fell head over heels for monster hunter, me and my 3 chums all had PSP's and we all eventually got monster hunter on psp, we quested and quested and upgraded all our weapons, man it was so awesome the level of intensity faced against the dragon and crab bosses, i honestly thank Capcom for bringing out such a awesome game, in a way it has changed my life, i mean after they released MH2 i was blitzed- more so. i remember spending a whole day on this matress trying to get the requirements for this weapon, finally i gathered all the hides and claws for it and it was sundown, man i was trippin balls.

    i certainly do 'heart' Capcom

    Resident Evil 2 was the game that made me fall in love with Capcom. It was the second game i ever bought for my PSX(my first console). It is, to this day, my most played game ever. I played through it over and over. Resident Evil 2 is what spawned my love of survival horror. So i have capcom to thank for all the other survival horrors Ive played as well. More importantly, even when i traded in my PSX for a PS2 and then my PS2 for a 360(still deciding if that was a good idea or not, but those contollers are just so comfy) I still own my copy of Resident Evil 2. It has pride of place on my self next to my Gears of War figures and Far Cry 2 Dog Tags.
    Wouldn't it be nice if I could put some Resident Evil 5 things there too???

    I have enjoyed a wide variety of Capcom games over the years as a gamer – late nights playing resident evil 1, 2 or 3 on my PS during high school, missing lectures to finish Onimusha 1&2 on PS2 during uni – even hoarding away my 20 cent coins as a little bloke so my brother and I could work our way through Final Fight on arcade in the local fish & chip shop. But none of these took me by surprise as much as Okami did.

    From the first moments of Okami I found myself whisked away to a deeply engaging adventure where you, the God-Wolf, restore and regenerate a broken land. A revolutionary approach to combat (for the ps2 anyway), a bench mark graphical style and a rich world full of unique characters, creative set pieces and consistently addictive gameplay. Never have I so easily lost hour after hour in pursuit of every last quest, the whole time being serenaded by the completely original and top notch score.
    It’s a credit to the game that my wife, usually nonchalant about any of the games I play, found Okami interesting enough to regularly spectate on my progress.

    So how did Okami change my life? Well games for me are a way of tuning out and relaxing. Experiencing and engaging with adventures beyond the norm (aka the workplace). Okami is the definitive adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish, a game I regularly come back to and in fact I may even dig out the ps2 this afternoon for a reminisce. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give my own personal ‘I heart Okami’ rant. Im almost as excited as the time I found a bunch of copies for $20 in a bargain bin at Myers and I called everyone I knew who owned a PS2 to check they already had a copy. Thank you CAPCOM for your wonderful contribution to this gamer’s experience, here’s to many more!

    oracle of ages was the 1st zelda game i ever totally changed my perception of video games (playing mario most of my childhood). Now i am a Zelda nut owning nearly every game (except Zelda II) thnx capcom...w/out you i might not be enjoying zelda games today...

    The game that changed my life would have to be Resident Evil 5... yes yes yes, I know it only came out last week, but hear me out. In the few days that I've had it, I've stopped going to work, broken up with my girlfriend, skipped my grandma's funeral, and put on 15 kilo's. I'm certainly truly complete now that I have RE5.

    I heart capcom.

    The origional Resident Evil was actually the first Capcom game I fell in love with - back in Primary School staying up late at my friends place, the voice acting didn't seem so bad as it does now (in a good way :P), and when that first zombie tried grabbing us we both about pissed ourselves as my friends fathers antique clock started ringing out next to us - it was both intense and totally rad.

    The Capcom game I fell in love with
    in an instant and stil love to this day, is 'Killer7'.
    Not owning a cube at the time the game was released,
    I managed to get a 2nd hand copy of the game a few years later.

    The story, setting and ambience of the game
    started to suck me in after only playing it for about 30 mins.
    It was both weird and fantastic all at the same time,
    plus also one of those games I really enjoyed taking my time to finish.(and not because I didn't get the puzzles or strange gameplay!)I would play the game as if I was reading a great crime or sf novel at my own pace, because I just wanted to get back to it every day, and maybe read a second or third time if I had the chance.In the end it took me about a 2 months to complete, and every second played was worth it!

    I never did get to play it a second or third time, but
    even to this day I stil sometimes make an evil chuckle like
    the Heaven Smiles always make when they approach you in the game.


    oracle of ages was the 1st zelda game i ever totally changed my perception of video games (playing mario most of my childhood). Now i am a Zelda nut owning nearly every game (except Zelda II) thnx capcom...w/out you i might not be enjoying zelda games today...

    Ahhh yes, capcom, my old friend, I remember you well. I do believe that you still have my soul.

    I did not fall in love with a mere game, I fell in love with an oddessy of games, an onslaught of wallet sapping masterpieces. For I was not like the other people who have fallen victim of a single capcom series. I have fallen afoul of Devil May Cry (Countless nights spent up until daybreak just playing with combos), Mega Man (on the gameboy, I spent more on batteries that month than my parents spent on food), Breath of Fire (yes, I played it to death, now it has stopped working, noooooo), Dead Rising has been not only downloaded to my 360, but also to my friends so that I can play on their consoles with my disk, they dont even own the game, which is HERESY! And Street Fighter, ahhh, street fighter. I could have bought several copies of the game for the ammount I have spent in arcades, just trying to play every character, defeat every challenger, and finaly take the crown in my arcade as the Master.

    Unfortunatley in the time it has taken to write this post, I have realised that I havent played Devil May Cry for some time, And now I must run because if i resist for another second the withdrawal symptoms will take over and I will no longer be able to ............

    Gather round folks,and be prepared to listen to my yarn about: MEGA MAN.

    Capcom will forever hold a place in my heart for introducing that
    ever awesome blue headed unit - Megaman.
    Through his many iterations, how can I forget the tons
    of countless bosses? The fantastic character design?
    The magnifecent music that always
    gave you a shot of adrenaline like a drug pusher, forcing you to
    agressively approach their many develish levels...only to witness your little blue man desintegrate into nothingness in a deafening echo,and the sound of my heart breaking, knowing i have to go in and do it again.

    Thanks to this template, Capcom managed to pull the strings of my heart countless times over the years with every Megaman release.

    Megaman has also affected me in the way I live out my life.
    I'll be in a business meeting, and I'll hear the Megaman level start playing on my phone...yup that's my message tone, prepping me for entering a new zone to fight eveil.
    I've even attatched music to each individual on my mobile...the parents and boss??
    yup they get the end of level boss music, in anticipation of the ducking and weaving manouvres required for the call ahead.
    My girlfriend? Sweet end of music tranquility, prepping me to be lulled into submission by my girlfriend, knowing that everything was going to be ok.

    You may be thinking so what? Big Deal, how does that impact you?
    It has only been recently that I've begun to take note that Megaman's
    trials and tribulations infact mirror my own.
    The devilish level designs mentioned above, take on the vast decisions that
    I make in real life, knowing that whatever choice I make could impact me for life.
    Forcing me to heard that ever deafening breaking of my heart
    and then the image of Megaman desintegrating begins to seem more real.
    My loss becoming ever more a reality.

    Thankyou Capcom, megaman has been inspirational to me from
    the get go. It has not only touched my heart, it has not only changed
    my life, it has FORMED life of that of which i live by, thanks Megaman.
    Cheers Capcom.

    P.S. Best clip ever, best music ever, best character ever!!

    Back in Elementary School there were an arcade place just a block from the school, me and a group of 5 friends were so obsessed by Super Street Fighter II turbo that the only thing that we use to talk about was about who wined the most times or who would beat who, and everyone in the group had street fighter figurines and posters, etc. So obviously everybody got a super Nintendo just to buy super street fighter II, but as everybody knows, its not the same without having the arcade controls, so everyday after school we used to go play, and on weekends and on holidays!.

    We find out that we were obsessed when the teacher found out that we skipped his class just to play arcades,so he went looking for us (thanks to a rat that told on us) and found us on the arcades playing so he yelled at us and told us that if we did not come
    back to the school with him, he was going to fail us all in one subject (out of around 6 that we had a year), so we told him that the Street fighter was more interesting and important than his stupid subject! We all got failed in math subject for the whole year... totally worth it. So yeah pretty much in love with the game and it change my life because I got grounded for two continuous summer holidays... but totally worth it, somebody had to teach Mr. Cortes to show respect for our favourite game.

    Not happy at all with the Van Damme street fighter movie either, we bashed it and for about a year, saying why everything with that movie was wrong, my heart was shattered with that movie... but was OK once the arcade brought the street fighter alpha series.

    So I've found Capcom to be my favourite games developer, I love everything capcom releases, devil may cry street fighter, lost planet, megaman, resident evil (specially the remake of the first one for the gamecube!, simply brilliant!), darkstalkers, viewtiful Joe, etc. I even kind of liked mega man legend for psx...

    Dead Rising has had a profound impact on my life, every time I visit a hardware store now I can't help but picture how I will kill every last person in the store with each tool. When mowing the lawn I can't help but think of using it at a Big Day Out concert to clear out the crowds.. the patio umbrella could be used to clear out family members after a bbq... the list goes on.

    I obsessed over this game for hours on end, knowing that one day these skills will come in handy once I snap from having to reload from a far away save point each time I played the game.

    Street Fighter.
    I have tried so many Fighters since the first on the Atari 2600 but for me Street Fighter was it, It had attitude, it had real chracters and best of all each one had its own special moves and yet overall the game balance is as good as it got.
    How did it change my life?
    Lets put it this way, I still have my original floppy disks and Bpx in mint condition and on top of this I still get to whittle away much of my life playing it from time to time, because I have kept and maintained my old Pentium 2 x400 with a Geforce2 MX400 GPU so I can.
    As soon as I can afford it I will get the Street Fighter for PC but I think I will still be going back to play the original of the 3 1/4" floppy disk.
    Ooooo!! so many hours I have enjoyed thrashing my son in Street Fighter, well mostly I win anyway. No No No, its true, I promise hehe!.

    My first Capcom game was none other than the excellent side scrolling platformer "Ghouls'n'Ghosts" - I only had a Master System, which meant that the MS conversion of GnG was handled lovingly by Sega - but WOW what a beautiful looking game. Pumping colourful sprites and haunting music out of the humble Master System was no easy feet - yet this game had it all. Multi-level armour (getting Arthur down to his jocks instilled a sense a dread and fear - only one more hit until I was dead!) or unveiling a magician who could turn you into a duck added a level of charm to the game - the excellent level mechanics (who could forget fighting against the wind and rain in one of the earlier levels), and lets not talk about the end of game boss battle - probably because I've never been good enough to get to him. That doesnt matter though, it was still a gold game and I knew from that point on what was capable for the Master System and what a good game company was able to do with limited hardware and an excellent idea.

    When I was 6 I got my first console, a NES. Now Mario or Duck Hunt or Excite Bike or any of those games didn't really challenged me. Then I got my hands on Bionic Commando and I CURSED Capcom! I COULD NOT FINISH IT! After about 6 months of solid trial and error, finding which radios and pieces of equipment worked on which stage, I worked out the order (I was only allowed 1 hour a day on video games before I was 10). To this day Rad Spencer has always held a dear place in my heart as the most killed off video game character I've ever been in control of.

    Oh man, Power Stone, a name I haven't heard in years.
    Here's my story.

    This would be the first, and last time I would ever touch a Dreamcast.
    It was about... Late 2000, I was about 10 years old then, Mum had dragged me on a long road trip across state, and it was pretty damn boring.
    That was until we had come to visit an old family friend, I had never met them, mum knew them though, they had 2 kids around the same age as me.

    I was a pretty shy kid back then, I always stayed with my mum, never played with other kids, and I had kept it that way for the first part of the day, that was until one of their kids came up to me and asked if I wanted to play.

    By the way:
    The only game console I ever played and owned at the time, was the Sega Megadrive, Alex the Kidd in Miracle World to be exact, Yes... The game that came built in with the Sega.

    I had agreed to play, The Dreamcast's controller was big in my hands, at least, that's how I remember it.

    They put Power Stone in, I was 10, 3D was AWESOME,
    and it still is awesome to this day.

    We played for hours and hours, we ate dinner when dinner was ready, then we ran back to play some more! Taking turns fighting.

    I always played as Fokker, He was awesome, and his name always made me laugh, I'm sure you'll know why :P

    So, the first time I really got into playing games, was by playing Power Stone, a state over, on a console that I may never see and play again.

    And now in the present I think... Fokker was the Japanese name for Edward Falcon, Why would I remember the name Fokker so clearly though?

    I must have been playing an import.

    I played Alien Vs. Predator arcade religiously for years in high school. It left me broke and possibly secured Timezone's survival in Perth longer than was otherwise possible.

    But my best memories of it are the fact that my younger brother and I could call a truce to traditional sibling rivalry for awhile whilst dispatching a veritable tonne of Alien scum!

    Now anytime I find a stray cabinet at a cinema, or the back of a fish and chip shop the memories come back and I feel obliged to drop a few dollars. Thanks Capcom.

    I came to gaming a little late in life, so it was Resident Evil 4 on the Wii that did it for me with Capcom. I've just moved to a new city to study, I knew no one, and was living in a dingy little one-bedroom unit. With my first paycheck for teaching, I bought a Wii bundled with RE4. It was love :) The graphics, the story, the creepy soundscape, the screaming with terror as I got attacked, that it managed to keep me awake for an entire weekend (turns out I'm a slow gamer too!)

    I've gone to play nearly all the Phoenix Wright games from Capcom (objection!), but it was RE4 and Capcom that got me through a crazy weekend alone in a new city.

    My love for Capcom can be traced back to when I was a little boy growing up on a farm in central western NSW. We would all get in the car once a week to travel the one hour drive to do the weekly shopping. One day I was browsing the toy section of Grace Bros when I noticed a crowd gathering around a TV. They had set up a Super Nintendo and a copy of Street Fighter II. It was love at first sight.

    Unfortunately there were many (much bigger) kids in line, so I could not play the game myself. But it would become my obsession. All the following week I thought about that game, and those amazing graphics.

    My adrelanin was pumping when I arrived at the shop the week after. But alas, there was a kid playing it already, and a couple more in queue.

    Week after week I would obsess about that game, and week after week I would find myself disappointed when I arrived at the shop, only to be denied a chance at playing. Eventually the SNES setup was removed from the store, and my hopes were dashed once and for all.

    Until Christmas that year, when I awoke to find that Santa had left me a shiny new Super Nintendo and a copy of Street Fighter II. I can still remember the goosebumps of excitement I got when loading the game for the first time.

    Years have passed, and other games have come and gone, but my heart still seems to race just that little bit faster when I see that blue and yellow logo on the screen.

    I heart you Capcom :)

    While its tempting to talk about Megaman in the spirit of Capcom games (especially X and X4!), I think I'll dedicate this to the surprise I found back in '98 on my Saturn - Vampire Savior. It was a massive investment at the time - I had just entered the crazy world of imported gaming on my beloved but mistreated Saturn with a Pro Action Replay 4-in-1 cart when Vampire Savior strutted onto the scene in the wake of the supreme X-Men vs Street Fighter. Having only dabbled with Darkstalkers on the Saturn, I figured it was a good opportunity to use my hard-earned money to import Vampire Savior with a 4mb RAM cart and check it out. The only problem is that there was no way to play the game on my PAL system since the game needed to use the cart slot for the new cartridge, and the slot was already occupied with the 4-in-1 cart as I needed it to boot Japanese games! So, I asked around and found someone who lived interstate who knew of a place where my Saturn could have a fancy switch added to the machine. It is in fact this event that makes this purchase such a life changing one!

    You see, the friend who lived interstate also had some ties to the gaming industry, so not only did he take care of getting my Saturn fitted with a territory-selection switch to multi-region it without the need of my Pro Action Replay (and thus freeing up my Saturn's cartridge slot for the lovely 4mb cart), he also threw in a couple of extras with the return postage. One was an old copy of Fighters Megamix that was laying around the place, but the other was a PAL copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga - he explained he didn't need it any longer, and happily passed it along (!!!).

    But wait, there's more! Because the 4mb RAM games relied on a 60hz refresh rate to sync up the audio to the on-screen action, playing them on my PAL Saturn caused all sorts of audio skipping. I found out a year later in 1999 that it was possible to fix this by adding a switch to your Saturn that boosted it to 60hz, and not only would this fix the audio skipping, but it would also speed up all your games so they were identical to their original NTSC versions and make them full-screen as well! And so began my obsession with console mods. After whetting my appetite on the 50/60hz switch on my Saturn, I proceeded to add language switches, 50/60hz switches, region switches, colour mods and custom A/V mods to all my old consoles to get them as universal as possible. It completely opened the floodgates for retroactively importing games for all my systems, repairing old consoles that would break down, and ensuring that every system could play my games the way the creators originally intended. I even managed to do some retro console modding work while I was at Uni to earn some extra money, which I probably spent on games, anime, DVDs or booze :P

    Oh, and it also got me right into the Darkstalers series of games, and I happily spent hours learning the intricacies of Vampire Savior and appreciating its extreme awesomeness.

    So thanks for the memories Capcom - without intending to, you led me to become on obsessive console-modding nerd :)

    The one Capcom game I obsessed over when I was a wee lad was Ghosts N' Goblins. I played it all the way to the end only to find out (as we all know now) that it wasn't really the end if you didn't have the cross. I swore and cursed so much as the bastard of a thing took me all the way back to the beginning of level five and I had to do it all again. After that I resolved to make that game my bitch and I still put it through it's paces to this day when I feel like some self abuse ('cause it's still fucking hard!)

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