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Today we've got a new Capcom game to give away. So if you want to win Resident Evil 5, enter over here. But if you want to win a copy of Dead Rising: Chop 'Till You Drop on Wii then this is the place to do it. Just tell us why you 'heart' Capcom in the comments.


    I heart Capcom becuase they gave me lovely classic 'Dawn of the dead' style Zombie killen horror to my lovely Wii and 42" plasma tv (not purchased with any govenment moneys)! Especially since we are Xbox360 dificent houshold, and everyone I know with a 360 raves about this game.

    :heart: :heart: to Capcom for getting a good, adult-player-orientated game onto the Wii :]

    With Madworld, House of the Dead Overkill, and now Dead Rising on the so-called "Family friendly" console, I now have hardcore ammunition against my friends calling me out for choosing a 'kids console'.

    Bring on the zombies. :heart: for Capcom!

    It's the little things I like most about Capcom. You know, the way the shopkeepers in Aladdin SNES yell and shake their fists at you when you jump on their heads to get to a higher platform. The way the opening level of Megaman X has you running past a horde of refugees in cars escaping the marauding robots. The way they seek out artists to flesh out the backstories and lives of Street Fighter and Darkstalkers characters, to make them more than just people who punch each other. The way the new Megaman and Bionic Commando iterations borrow the bits we loved from the past. Bionic Commando for the Game Boy, period. The palpable joy and exuberance in the Ace Attorney storylines.

    There are an awful lot of little things to like about them.

    I heart capcom, but now enough to play chop till you drop


    Less Zombies! No Cameras!

    Sign me up!

    Ghosts n' Goblins. Fighting demons with cleavers in your underwear. Enough said.

    Why do I heart Capcom?

    The more I play their games, the faster my heart beats..
    ..which in turn means the zombies find me faster.

    I heart Capcom because they're not afraid to do crazy spin-off titles just to make money. These spin-offs, if successful create great new I.Ps. For example: the Battle Network series of games. Sure, some of them are horrible, like Resident Evil: Dead Aim, but even that can be forgiven (in a laugh at not with sort of way) for it's use of Chinese orbital death satellites in a zombie game. A Chinese orbital death satellite that only works when it's target is implanted with a tracking microchip. Usually their own agents. Even then it misses. Good times.

    When there's prizes involved, I'll whore my self out.

    Gather round folks,and be prepared to listen to my yarn about: MEGA MAN.

    Capcom will forever hold a place in my heart for introducing that
    ever awesome blue headed unit - Megaman.
    Through his many iterations, how can I forget the tons
    of countless bosses? The fantastic character design?
    The magnifecent music that always
    gave you a shot of adrenaline like a drug pusher, forcing you to
    agressively approach their many develish levels...only to witness your little blue man desintegrate into nothingness in a deafening echo,and the sound of my heart breaking, knowing i have to go in and do it again.

    Thanks to this template, Capcom managed to pull the strings of my heart countless times over the years with every Megaman release.

    Megaman has also affected me in the way I live out my life.
    I'll be in a business meeting, and I'll hear the Megaman level start playing on my phone...yup that's my message tone, prepping me for entering a new zone to fight eveil.
    I've even attatched music to each individual on my mobile...the parents and boss??
    yup they get the end of level boss music, in anticipation of the ducking and weaving manouvres required for the call ahead.
    My girlfriend? Sweet end of music tranquility, prepping me to be lulled into submission by my girlfriend, knowing that everything was going to be ok.

    You may be thinking so what? Big Deal, how does that impact you?
    It has only been recently that I've begun to take note that Megaman's
    trials and tribulations infact mirror my own.
    The devilish level designs mentioned above, take on the vast decisions that
    I make in real life, knowing that whatever choice I make could impact me for life.
    Forcing me to heard that ever deafening breaking of my heart
    and then the image of Megaman desintegrating begins to seem more real.
    My loss becoming ever more a reality.

    Thankyou Capcom, megaman has been inspirational to me from
    the get go. It has not only touched my heart, it has not only changed
    my life, it has FORMED life of that of which i live by, thanks Megaman.
    Cheers Capcom.

    P.S. Best clip ever, best music ever, best character ever!!

    I 'heart' Capcom because their zombies ate mine. Now if I only had a brain...

    Over the years Capcom have given us some of the best games ever made (RE4, Okami, SF 2) and also the some of the best franchises ever made such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Megaman and Bionic Commando. They not only give their own I.Ps quality, but other companies IPs as well. They did the Legend of Zelda: oracle of seasons and oracle of ages games on the game boy and they also made some excellent Disney games like Duck Tales and Chip'n Dale: Rescue Rangers on the NES. Capcom have had a huge role in my gaming as a kid and even now they are catering to that same audience. With the release of Megaman 9 and Bionic Commando Rearmed they proved that they wont let their franchises die and that they still value their old fans. Each of their biggest franchises has had a new game come out recently (Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4)and unlike some companies who relentlessly beat their mascots to death(Sega), Capcom are still releasing new games for their old franchises that kick ass. I heart Capcom for all of those reasons, but most of all i heart Capcom because they are taking the Wii seriously. Not as a toy, not as some novelty that you can churn out garbage for but as a real gaming console, and for that I heart Capcom.

    Even more hearts if Zack and Wiki 2 comes out.

    I 'heart' Capcom because their zombies ate mine.
    Now if I only had a brain...

    Choppin Zombies all day and night long
    Anything to survive this endless throng
    Please don't kill me, I proclaimed
    Can I keep a steady aim?
    Only one shot to kill that zombie
    My shot has hit, Yipee!

    (It spells CAPCOM) :)

    I heart Capcom.

    My buddy insisted that we rent Dead Rising. He'd already finished it, and promised me that it would be fun. "There's no co-op," I protest. He rented it anyway.

    Soon we were running down thousands of zombies. He wanted the Megaman Blaster, I wanted the achievement. We listened to music; we named the zombies; we saw how many laps we can do. Of course, we almost died when the van broke down in the middle of a horde, and had to backtrack for wine.

    Turns out you have to wait the three in-game days for an ending to unlock the Blaster. We knew not, and quit when the kill-count ticked over. No achievement, no weapon, many hours gone.

    Sometime later I bought the game. I played it a bit, and despite myself, I attempted Zombie Genocider again. I did it right, and wait, hands sweaty, on the helipad. Achievement unlocked.

    Some time later, maps on the wall, list of health items printed out, navigator at my side, I began Survival mode.

    Earlier tonight I finished Resident Evil 5 on Veteran, despite remarking to my friend during a boss-battle, "Why do the developers hate us?"

    I heart Capcom because they can make games that, at times, are frustratingly difficult, that defy any logical concept of game design, that have god-awful dialogue - and yet, are still crazy fun.

    If by 'heart' you mean that excited feeling of the prospect of winning a game for free, meaning that I can leave my hard earned moneys to buy OTHER video games, then yes, I heart Capcom.

    i heart capcom because it gives so many games to chose from the classics are the best capcom is a legend and Its the bomb

    I heart Capcom for many reasons, but first and foremost would be the vast array of unforgettable original and charming characters they have produced over the years! Designing characters is no easy feat at the best of times, and for them to have so many that just stick in your head deserves to be commended!

    I heart capcom because who has a better range of games on the biggest number of platforms? (Well, someone else might but they certainly arent as entertaining...) Even if R.E did lead to an irrational fear of zombies it was all good fun

    I heart Capcom for bringing us games that with their intense arcade scoring systems and outrageously competitive games have both brought friendships together... and torn them apart. Hilariously.

    I heart capcom since boobs are not an essential factor in their video games. However I have been proven wrong on many occasions.

    I heart em cause I don't have to remember as many names of all my zombie friends in the Wii version.

    I heart capcom cos who else has a game that will allow you to have horror, erotica and drama all in the same photo?

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