Targets World of Warcraft, Second Life For Patent Suit

Virtual world patent holder filed suit against NCSoft in December, claiming its games, including City of Heroes and Guild Wars, were violating its patent for multiplayer virtual environments. And it won't stop there. CEO Thom Kidrin says that the company "absolutely" has intentions of going after other big virtual world creators, including Blizzard for World of Warcraft and Linden Labs for Second Life, reports Business Insider. That depends, of course, if is successful with its suit against NCSoft.

Kidrin says that's patent for "System and Method for Enabling Users to Interact in a Virtual Space" dates back to 1997. It's based on the work done on the Steven Spielberg-backed Starbright World, a virtual world service design to "educate, entertain and inspire seriously ill children."

That patent was inherited by

Don't worry, addicted MMOers. Looks like Kidrin and company are looking for a little cash in the form of licensing fees from Blizzard, et al. Your virtual world of choice won't likely be shuttered. But we'll see. CEO: We're 'Absolutely' Going To Sue Second Life And World Of Warcraft (ATVI) [BusinessInsider via IncGamers]


    They should concentrate on making decent software rather than frivilous cash grabs. Pathetic.

      This is ridiculous, absolutely untenable.

    Hopefully they fail completely; law suits like this make a mockery of legal systems.

    The patent system only works when the method that has been patented is duplicated completely; innovating beyond that method does not, IMO, constitute a breach of patent.

    As such, I hope the court system tosses this claim out and allows NCSoft, Blizzard and others to continue making their great games.

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