Xbox 360 Has Sold A Million In Japan, PS3 Sold Three Million

Last week, we broke word that Microsoft would soon reach one million Xbox 360s sold in Japan. By soon, we meant this week, because that's what has been announced today.

According to sales figures from Famitsu publisher Enterbrain, lifetime sales for the Xbox 360 have crossed the million sold watermark in Japan with 1,001,191 units as of March 29. The Xbox 360 went on sale in Japan on December 10, 2005.

Enterbrain has also released lifetime domestic sales figures for the PS3. The Sony console has sold 3,008,395 units since going on sale November 11, 2006. Wii sales figures were not released, however.

Xbox 360の国内累計販売台数が100台を突破! プレイステーション3は累計300万台に [Famitsu][Pic]


    "Wii sales figures were not released, however. "

    they did try to release them, but there was an in64 overflow error..

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