Xbox Live Deals Discounting Fable And Alien Hominid

While we're waiting for Lionhead's next batch of downloadable content for Fable II, Microsoft slashes the price of the original next week, with an Alien Hominid HD discount following soon after.

The Xbox Deal of the Week soldiers on next week with "the beloved RPG classic from Peter Molyneux", Fable. The Xbox Original is being discounted from 1200 Microsoft points to 800, giving players who missed out an excellent reason to experience the game that Fable II apologised for so capably.

During the week of March 23rd, the Battlestations Midway: Iowa Mission Pack add-on gets discounted by 20%, with things picking up once again on the 30th with Alien Hominid's price lowered to 400 points.

See? The Xbox Live Deal of the Week program isn't all bad! Just mostly bad.


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