Xbox Live Gold Membership Price Dropped (Temporarily)

Price conscious tipsters have been asking us "Did Microsoft just drop the annual fee for Xbox Live Gold membership?" Despite cheaper subscription rates showing on, Microsoft says the drop is "for a limited time."

"We are currently running a promotion in-dash that gives Silver members a special opportunity to upgrade to the full benefits of Gold membership at a reduced price for a limited time," said a rep. "While there are occasional price promotions offered for our service, we're confident our 12-month Gold members realise the tremendous entertainment value provided for just over US$4 per month."

We've seen Microsoft dropping better deals on Live subs over the past year, but speculating about the company considering an official, long-term drop would be just, well, speculation.

Kotaku AU Note: For now, this appears to be only mentioned on the US Xbox site, not the AU one.


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