Yale Student Sues Airline For $1M Over Lost Xbox 360

Yale Student Sues Airline For $1M Over Lost Xbox 360

A Yale University student is suing US Airways for $1 million over an Xbox 360 he says was lost on a flight.

Jesse Maiman says that the 360, which had a specialised hard drive, disappeared from his luggage during a flight from New Haven, Conn. to Cincinnati in December.

He is seeking $1,700 for the 360 and the maximum allowable damages, which is $1 million.

A US Airways spokeswoman points out that the government limits liability for lost luggage to $3,000 per a bag.

Student sues over missing Xbox
[Cincinnati.com, via Evil Avatar]


  • Funniest part is a specialised hard drive…Yeah right how about a modded 360 that my ripped of games were on!

    I’m guessing the claim includes so called game backups taking the tally to 1 million.

    Funny stuff from Jesse (modder king).

  • These stories never get old and how typical is it of Americans to sue one another when all he’s gotta do is file an application for the $3000 lost-luggage claim lol Just because he goes to Yale doesnt make me smart.. his daddy probably made HIS fortune suing others too.

  • Why in the world would you put it in your luggege and not carry it on with you!?

    Brings back memories of hauling all 9kg of my shiny new white 40gb PS3 from Japan… $378 price tag made all the effort of carrying it around worth it!

  • @Mr Waffle

    Completely agree. If he was dumb enough to put his 360 in the bowels of a plane with everyone elses luggage then I only regret that he couldn’t get to his destination and find his 360 damaged beyond repair rather than not there at all.

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