You Got Ninjas In My PSP

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins sneaks onto the PSP this month, totally wrecking my resolve to save up money for a PSP2.

This was a pretty understated port. Ubisoft announced it via Twitter post this morning and Wii platform pages on various press sites were amended with tiny "PSP" tags. Two screenshots also emerged, showing comparable graphics as the Wii version that came out in February.

Tenchu looks like a straight-up port, which will probably benefit Shadow Assassins more than it hurts it. At least some of the twitchy controls will be sorted out, hopefully.

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins hits the PSP March 24 in the US and will make its stealthy way to Europe in April.

From the original creators of the series, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins sneaks back to the PSP - March (USA) / April (Europe) [Twitter]


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