You Just Ran Out Of Excuses Not To Buy Okami

Poor Okami. So loved! So under-bought. Today's your chance to turn a little bit of love into a little bit of impulse buying, then, with Capcom having an Okami firesale in the company store.

The Wii version? US$20. The PS2 version? US$20. At that price, if you haven't played it, you probably should, because $20 is in the "oh, I'll at least give it a try" range.

Yes, it's a lot like Zelda, and yes, it does like to prattle on (and on and on and on...), but hey, its gorgeous. And unique. And $20.

We'd probably recommend the PS2 version, which although lacking in widescreen, is a bit easier to control (that and if you've got a backwards compatible PS3 it looks scrumptious).

Okami for the Wii and PS2 now $20 at Capcom Store [Capcom]


    I never played the PS2 version, but Luke is the first person I've encountered to recommend that version's controls over the Wii. I thought the control in Okami on Wii was a tremendous success, a sentiment echoed in every review I've read. I just couldn't imagine how clunky using the Celestial Brush with an analogue stick would be by comparison t the Wii's IR pointer.

    I mean, each to their own, but he seems to be running against the grain there. Not that my opinion nor any part of this story matters to Australians as this seems to be a US-only offer. Still, I'd highly recommend paying anything - even up to RRP - for whichever version of Okami you have the means to run if you've not played it already.

    This really sucks (hearing about Okami not doing well I mean).

    That was old news, but it just reminded me :-(

    When it first came out for PS2 I thought it looked fantastic - beautiful graphics, original concept and styling, lupine protagonist (always gets me)... but I'd just sold my PS2.

    Then I saw it released for Wii, which I didn't have. Not too long after I got a Wii, and Okami was always on my want list. Problem is, I NEVER saw it on shelves, even pre-owned (I suppose that's good, maybe owners don't trade it in).

    A few weeks ago I thought "that's it, I'm checking eBay" - found brand new copies, and got one for AUS $50.

    Absolutely love it. I totally get all the critical acclaim, which just bugs me even more considering how poorly it did commercially. Googling revealed that it's presence (or lack thereof) on shelves wasn't just an Australian issue; the same seemed to occur in the US (if posting on the Capcom forum are anything to go by).

    Now I had to actively seek it out on eBay! I'm trying to spread the word again on some local forums, but it's still kinda depressing that such a great game didn't do better, and wasn't more widely available, especially since, in the same thread on the Capcom forums, one of the mods - dev? - said it's unlikely a sequel will appear unless the first one sells a lot more.

    So come on everyone, buy buy buy Okami!! It's awesome, and SUPER long, for US$20 it's a no-brainer!

    Looks like it works out to AU$40 + $11 international shipping. But I wouldn't risk it since it doesn't specify that it's PAL.

    If you want it I recommend getting it right now, as it'll soon be gone forever. No physical or retail stores are selling in Oz. Ebay was the last place I could find it--fortunately it was the same price as Capcom are selling it and it's new.

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