Zombie!!! Games of the Living Dead

Zombies are suddenly hot again. Recent films, books and comic series have reignited the worlds love of the flesh-eating undead, and video games are, as always, right in on the action.


    thanks for spoiling re4, you fucking douche

    That was a kick arse piece.

    I found the zombies in the original Dawn of the Dead hilarious and not scary at all. Actually I found the whole movie shocking after only seeing it last year. Fast zombies are in and slow zombies are just out for your information.

    Seems like nearly every new zombie movie and game out there (including other infected type monsters like 28 Days Later) uses them and can still retain that post apocaplyptic themes of human struggle and basic survival instincts.

    Land of the Dead has a scene where the other human that you run into starts to turn,a nd you have to bullet him. It's not all that fantastic, but it is there. Other than that, the game pretty much sucks on it's own .. only thing it had going for it was great models. Lots of mods for it, though that improve it.

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