360 Arcade Stick Cuts The Cord

We know. You're a fighting game pro. Can't spare the time to blink while fighting, let alone juggle cords. Which is why you may want to take a look at Dream Arcades' wireless 360 stick.

It's a chunky, sturdy arcade stick, with the addition of being, well, cordless. The fact it's wireless is a pro. The fact it looks like a bad Chinese rip-off stick from 1998 is a con.

No word on pricing yet, but if you own a 360 and take your fighting games, and your wireless modern lifestyle seriously, preorders should open soon at the site below.

[Dream Arcades, via Gizmodo]


    This is a pretty bad idea. If I play Tekken with a sixaxis (instead of my wired Hori stick) I notice the lag, so I'm not sure how many fighting game 'pros' are going to sign up for this

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