6 Year-Old Buys Porn-Infested PSP From Wal-Mart

Hey, parents: if you're buying a used games console for a small child, do the right thing and check it out first yourself. That way, you'll avoid what happened to poor little Eliso Tovar.

See, Eliso was treated to a late, late Christmas present from his mum last week. She took him to a Wal-Mart in Manatee County, Florida, and bought him a pre-owned PSP. All was well!

Until he took it home and turned it on. And found that the wallpaper was of a naked chick. And that the PSP had a memory stick inside it that was full of "hundreds of pornographic pictures".

Wal-Mart offered to give the kid a new PSP game. Eliso's mum, Tamatha, is having none of it, and wants a whole new PSP instead.

Mom Finds Porn on New PSP [Fox, via VE3D]


    What the hell is a parent getting a 6 year old a $100+ handheld anyways? What a spoiled brat! And damn Walmart for not inspecting the returned PSP. Goes to show how technically illiterate people are with technology - especially with video game consoles. We're not dealing with cartridges anymore.

    Wow, so the Walmart guys didn't even turn on the psp? How did they even know the PSP could work or not?

    Does this mean if I trade-in a broken PSP to Walmart I would still get to trade it in and get the same price as a working PSP traded in?

    I don't think we have a Walmart in Australia.

    Free porn with psp purchase! sony should really run with this idea.After all most gamers are over 18+, guys, and well everyone likes porn.

    Same thing happened months ago at a Dick Smith electronics store, but with a phone. Except it wasn't just generic porn: it was of the employees at the store (and in the store) well, 'fiddling with cartridges'.

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