A $US500 PC That Can Kick Crysis' Ass

Even though the game came out in 2007, people still go all "boo hoo" over Crysis' graphics settings. Say they're prohibitive, use them as a benchmark. Well, you can murder those settings for $US500.

At least, you can according to Maximum PC, who cobbled together the following rig for $US509 (a bit over, we know, but close enough):

Motherboard: MSI P43 Neo3-F LGA 775 CPU: Intel Pentium E5200 Videocard: Powercolor AX4870 512MB RAM: Crucial 2GB DDR2/800 Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar SE WD3200AAJS Optical Drive: Samsung SH-S223F Case + Power Supply: Rosewill TU-155 II 500 Black

This system can not only play Crysis, but can - according to MPC's testing - play it at 1900x1200 at 36 frames per second on "high" settings (they couldn't try out anything higher, since the cheap rig had XP, which doesn't natively support Crysis' fancy DX10 graphic options)

If you're looking for an all-new PC, it's a little misleading, as it's leaving out the cost of stuff like a monitor, but if you're just after an upgrade, this shows that even in these dark economic times you can scrounge together an impressive gaming rig on the cheap.

Build a Kick-Ass $US500 Gaming PC, Play Crysis at 40FPS! [Maximum PC]


    I call BS on the claim of the company, and the lack of research in this article.


    That Article clearly shows that a 4870 is only capable of an average Frame Rate of 30 in Crysis using a blend of medium and high graphical settings. Additionally the card included in this "$500 Crysis Ass kick miracle PC" is only a 512 meg edition. Crysis at any given point in time running at 1920x1200 on high will use approx 900megs of video memory, with such a small amount of v-ram the 512meg card juts cant compete at the same level.

    Also I dont think anybody considers a shaky 30 FPS average on medium/high detail without AA "Kicking a games ass". If it was running it at ultra with 4xAA at 60fps, then I'd let them wear the ass kicking crown.

    On "high" settings? How does that qualify as "play", more like run and thats it. You have only played Crysis and can comment about the game till you play on Very high with AA.

    Agree with Corwin..

    How can 30fps = Murder?
    and it's not even in dx10. I bought a $4000 PC and it still chugs in dx10 mode at 1600 Res.

    Well I guess it will be OK as long as you dont go outside in any levels ;)

    I totally agree, running it In DX10's on Vista can reduce your frame rate by up to 50%. However that being said, not everyone would be running Crysis at that res. Still for $500, not too bad!

    I know this is bollocks. I'm running a similar rig, with Vista 64, an AMD 9850, 4g DDRII and a ATI 4870 and I can only clear 30fps on medium. Not that I'd want to, the game is rubbish.

    Strangely enough though, I rock Farcry 2 on optimal settings at between 40-60 fps. It says more about how badly Crysis was made.

    For $5000, my computer can run Crysis, 4x AA, Ultra High Settings at 1600x1200, minimal lag, DX10; but pushing the AA up much higher, it feels the heat. :/

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