Adult Gaming on the DS: The Chinatown Conundrum

With 100 million DS and DSi in the hands of gamers worldwide, Nintendo's portable is a mighty tempting platform for developers. So why are only seven of the nearly 1,100 games for the DS rated Mature?


    I've said it before and i'll say it again, Chinatown Wars for DS is amazing, everything it does it does it better than any other game on the system... the graphics, physics, size and gameplay are all top notch; really everything in the game is comparable to games seen on more robust systems... so when something like this doesn't sell like hotcakes I really don't know whats wrong with people. Listen up pokemans fans, this game is good... instead of playing the same game again (except with different pokemans) give it a whirl.

    "The first hardcore, mature game for the DS"? He's kidding right? There's more to maturity than sex, drugs and violence. And for the record: no, I am not implying that GTA is immature. I'm calling Pachter out on a blatantly incorrect statement that I'm quite frankly shocked to hear from someone who writes about the industry.

    @jono, i totally agree, it's amazing, as my first GTA game I get the appeal of the series now. It pushes all aspects of the hardware to the max. hopefully it will sell well enough.
    One thing the article misses is rampant piracy, so many of the hardcore own R4s. kind of ironic for a game about crime to be affected by crime.

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