Amazon's Selling Punch-Out!! Boxing Gloves For Regular Macs

Online retailer is in full Punch-Out!! hype mode, looking to squeeze every last dollar out of the Nintendo fetishist. Today's curious purchase: Punch-Out!! branded boxing gloves that you can't box with.

The exclusive Little Mac boxing glove isn't very useful in its wood frame and casing, but it does have an engraved plate and embroidered badge with the Punch-Out!! logo. And it's an impressive $79.99 USD.

Not included is the Wii game, actually, making it of seriously questionable value. Certainly more questionable than the King Hippo boxer shorts we wouldn't mind having if we could fit into a large pair of Nintendo undies.

The glove, should you have a spare eighty dollar bill lying around, will ship on May 18th, the same day that Punch-Out!! hits the Wii.

Punch-Out!! Exclusive Little Mac Boxing Glove [Amazon - thanks, Aric!]


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