And The Top-Selling Games In Australia For 2008 Were...

Yeah, it's April 2009. So what, things move slowly down here. Which is why we're only just getting our hands on the list of the ten best-selling games in Australia for 2008.

And, surprise surprise, it's dominated by Nintendo titles. Five of the ten are published by Nintendo, and two more involve Nintendo characters and are for Nintendo systems. Only both Grand Theft Auto IV versions and a World of Warcraft expansion could hold off the advancing red (well, grey) tide.

Course, that Nintendo domination of the young, female and old also explains why the Aussie market grew by a whopping 47.8% in 2008, with 26.7 million games sold in the country contributing to total industry revenues of AUD$1.96 billion (USD$1.37 billion).


    Mario and sonic wii?
    That game was horrendous. Those poor kids.

    So aside from GTA IV and WoW, Australia bought only Nintendo products?

    That's depressing. Not from an elitest standpoint, but from a "I sure hope Nintendo brings back the old-school awesome" standpoint.

    Because they have absolutely no reason to. =(

    Title should read "And The Top-Selling Games In Australian Retail Stores For 2008 Were...", unless I'm much mistaken.

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