And The Top-Selling iPhone Games Are...

We don't get iPhone game sales figures with our NPD numbers. Thankfully, we do get them with our periodic comScore App Store sales numbers!

The market research firm have released a list of the top 25-selling iPhone apps (well...the 25 most-downloaded, since free apps are included) since the handset store launched last year, and of that 25, 12 are games, including #1. Which is Tap Tap Revenge. Amazingly, comScore reckon the game has been downloaded by 32% of iPhone owners, which is one hell of an attach rate.

Other games scoring highly on the sales charts are Touch Hockey, Pac-Man, iBowl and Labyrinth, though sadly, there's no room for either of our faves, SimCity or Space Deadbeef.

Top 25 All-Time iPhone Apps Mostly Games (AAPL) [SAI]


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