April Fools AU Roundup


On April 1, the internet goes a bit silly. The games industry is no exception. In addition to our own slices of nonsense, here's a few of the April Fools doing the rounds on Australian gaming sites.


    Whirlpool.net.au has a great one on Senator Conroy being fired.

    Generally I think the best April Fools jokes are the ones that you can tell are fake, but are just convincing enough to make you wonder for a moment and funny enough that it doesn't matter either way. Nothing here has been remotely convincing nor funny, which is fine by me: April Fools' Day tends to be a really annoying day to be a gamer - we often get jokes that make you think "no really, don't joke about that: make it" - but today has been mostly business as usual.

    i liked the ign one. a gta game in an australian setting is actually a great idea. bikie gangs, triads, vietnamese drug lords

    Are you aware you just linked a kotaku page... to kotaku?
    Obviously they're too cool to blow their own horn. Even though they clearly had the funniest ones.

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