Assassin's Creed 2 Details From This Month's Game Informer

Seems some people are getting early copies of this month's issue of Game Informer. You know. The issue that has a ton of details on Assassin's Creed 2.

Provided, of course, that this is all correct (we haven't seen the magazine ourselves), here's some of the stuff you can expect from the sequel to one of 2007's biggest games:

- Your range of weapons has been greatly increased, with new armaments including two swords, two "smaller blades", a mace, spear and an axe.

- No more silly drownings, as Altair can now swim.

- As expected, Da Vinci's workshop features in the game (it's set in 1476), and yes, you'll be gliding around on those wings of his.

- The game stars real characters of the time, including Machiavelli and Florence's powerful Medici family

- There are now "16 unique mission types". And, thankfully, no more pickpocket or eavesdropping ones.

- Tracking down hidden flags will now net you in-game rewards, rather than a simple sense of self-satisfaction.

Those are the most interesting parts. You can read the rest of it over on ScrewAttack, who have the full run-down.

Hard News [ScrewAttack[


    All good improvements; but the BIG improvement I'm hoping for it mission satisfaction. AC wasnt like the Hitman series where you could choose whether you wanted to go in guns-glazing or do a stealth kill. In AC there was only 1 way to take out a target - it was walking straight up to them, with other soldiers running around you, and killing the target. Wasnt much fun cause it never meant you were even able to get away with a clean-getaway... it was kill, runaway, kill, runaway - boring.

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